About us

Shaanxi Body Plastic Co., Ltd., located in the American Science and Technology Industrial Park, Jinggan 4th Street, Jinghe New Town, Xixian New District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, specializes in the research, development, production and sales of various plastic packaging materials (eye drops, gel tubes, spray bottles, cream bottles, etc.).

The company's gel tube series products have more than 10 years of product production experience. They are produced by high-precision injection molding machines with priority at home and abroad. They constantly update and optimize product molds and processes, effectively solving industry problems such as product cracking, eccentricity, top burrs, trapping, size consistency, etc.
For spray bottle series products, first of all, one-step injection and blowing molding machine is used for bottle blowing to perfectly ensure the size of the bottle mouth. Second, it is used with the exclusive gasketless nozzle to effectively prevent the nozzle from leaking. Compared with ordinary gasketed nozzle, it has obvious effect on filling strong corrosive liquid.
Eye drops series: It has the world's top one-step injection, drawing and blowing equipment, which effectively reduces manual links and product pollution, and has great advantages over traditional processes in ensuring the appearance, uniformity and dimensional consistency of products