Analysis of the main raw materials of spray plastic bottles

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Spray plastic bottle is a thermosetting plastic bottle, the main raw material is phenolic resin, such as phenolic molding materials, commonly known as bakelite, with strong and durable characteristics, and on the size is also very stable, can resist in addition to strong alkali and other chemicals. In the production process according to the spray plastic bottles of different purposes and need to add a variety of fillers and additives, if the requirements of high insulation properties of the products, can be added mica or glass fiber filler, if the need for high temperature resistant products, you can use asbestos or other heat-resistant materials as a filler. If the products need to be earthquake-resistant, xi 'an plastic bottles, xi 'an food cans, shaanxi plastic bottles, shaanxi food cans, shaanxi daily chemical bottles, shaanxi bodi plastic can be added with suitable fiber or rubber as the filling material, or add some toughening agent to make the material with high toughness. Spray plastic bottles can also use aniline, epoxy, polyoxyethylene, polyamide and other modified phenolic resin, these are mainly to meet the requirements of different needs, in addition, with phenolic resin can also be made into phenolic laminate.

Spray plastic bottles are characterized by high mechanical strength, good electrical performance, and also has good corrosion resistance, in the processing is very easy to operate, in the voltage electrical equipment is more commonly used. Spray plastic bottle is a typical thermosetting plastic bottle, in heat or other conditions can be cured, or has the characteristics of insoluble plastic processing forming unsaturated polyester, etc.. In addition, the new materials are polystyrene dipropylene ester plastics, etc. These materials have a strong heat resistance, not easy to deformation by high temperature, but there is a little mechanical properties is not good, this can be improved by filling other materials.