A brief analysis of the technical requirements for medicinal solid plastic bottles

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Medicinal solid plastic bottles and other plastic bottles on the technical requirements of the difference is very big still, the main reason is because of medicinal plastic bottles are not ordinary products, guangdong is people use drugs, will be directly related to human life and health, about life, so need to go through the agency of strict censorship, up to the hygiene standards stipulated by the state to the factory. The following xi 'an plastic bottles, xi 'an food cans, shaanxi plastic bottles, shaanxi food cans, shaanxi daily chemical bottles, shaanxi bodi plastic to learn about the general technical requirements of plastic bottles for medicinal use:

Medicinal plastic bottle looks from the exterior, it is to present white commonly, colour and lustre wants even and consistent, cannot have apparent chromatic aberration, the surface wants bright and clean level off, cannot have apparent be out of shape or be damage mark, cannot appear sand hole, bubble, oily oily wait. At the time of identification, product should use material of infrared spectra and contrast diagram spectrum like, have to be very dry good seal performance, vacuum to 27 ka, and two minutes, can maintain the bottle in water or a bubble, in the defensive performance, medicinal plastic bottles the shake test qualified conditions that must be met in the process of making on ignition residue can not exceed zero point one percent, medicinal solid plastic bottles for heavy metals, oxides and no volatiles in strict test, the result of the test to meet the requirements. In microbiological standards, in accordance with the requirements of the standard and the method of microbial limit, the number of bacteria of medicinal plastic bottles every bottle is not able to more than one thousand, in every bottle mold and yeast can't more than one hundred, the number of e. coli could not have a, abnormal toxicity tests, in accordance with the standards for testing in accordance with the law, should comply with relevant regulations, every project has its own requirements, and bottles of embryos caps can choose according to the need of different material, according to dissolution in standard test abnormal toxins to test, and to comply with relevant regulation, is not to be able to use.

Medicinal plastic bottles on the technology of solid is should be strictly controlled, because every country for drug supervision is very strict, and for food supervision and management is very strict, very the attention livelihood of the people of our country, pharmaceutical and food directly into our body, the quality of the drug may direct harm to our health, so countries gave considerable attention. When we buy drugs, packaging is very important. It can be said that drugs and plastic bottle packaging are one, because the quality of plastic bottles will directly affect the quality of drugs and indirectly affect our body, so strict control can better ensure our health and safety.