Medicinal plastic bottle supply wholesale good quality not to be missed

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Shaanxi bodi plastic company is a professional manufacturer of medical plastic bottles, solid plastic bottles and PET plastic bottles.

Today's society, with the demand of all walks of life production, wash liquid plastic bottle diversification, variety, plastic packaging products widely, for our daily life to bring a lot of convenience, plastic products and our daily supplies have been closely linked. The plastic industry emerged in 1920, and the rapid development so far, plastic has very good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, impact resistance, electrical insulation, thermal insulation and other advantages, and has a good elasticity, and metal, glass, wood and other materials bonding, easy processing and forming. We are very common plastic products, plastic industry in aviation, medical, petroleum, chemical, national defense equipment, construction industry and so on are widely used, in the construction industry used in doors and Windows, tables and chairs, floor, ceiling, wallpaper, decorative board and sanitary ware production. Plastic has good sealing performance, and can prevent the food due to the air be affected with damp be affected with damp, people often use cosmetics, medical, because of product scope widely, so xi 'an plastic bottles, xi 'an food cans, plastic bottles of shaanxi, shaanxi food cans, cosmetic bottle, shaanxi shaanxi bo di plastic in the production of plastic packaging products with strict standards. Our company produces plastic products, in order to improve the attractiveness of customers to products, increase product sales.

Enterprises need to regularly and accurately conduct market research, grasp the changes of consumer demand and the new trend of development of liquid wash plastic bottle packaging, according to the information, targeted research and development innovation, to achieve the advance prediction of the market, for an early step to meet the new market demand. Cosmetic lotion plastic bottle as one of the cosmetics packaging products, in recent years, the plastic manufacturers in the production of plastic products under a very big effort, continuous technical research and development, improvement, innovation, is to let consumers use cheap packaging products.

In-mold labeling technology. This technology has been widely used in foreign countries, in-mold label and traditional label packaging is a very different technology, is a brand new form of label packaging, the traditional label packaging is mainly thermal shrinkage label packaging, sticker packaging, direct screen printing label packaging. Spray forms are popular. The packaging of daily chemicals pays more and more attention to the structural design of containers and the design of accessories, so that consumers in various environments, easy to hold, convenient access. Such as hair with mousse, perfume and other cosmetics, the use of spray packaging form, convenient for consumers for quantitative access. Green packaging prevails. Under the background of the implementation of the national environmental protection policy and the enhancement of people's environmental protection awareness, it has become a trend for the production enterprises to strive to produce green environmental protection tianjin daily chemical plastic bottles with the function of degradation. Washing liquid plastic bottles on the selection of city plastic products co. LTD. Health care product packaging bottles are widely used with the increase of people's demand for health care products. This kind of packaging bottle is different from other types of packaging bottles, because of the special requirements of its articles, in the manufacturing process, need to carry out all aspects of strict control, has obtained good performance advantages. Below small make up to say to you about lotion bottles manufacturing 1, shading performance: due to the composition such as vitamin E if faced with light, oxidation and deterioration occurs, coating tablet in the sun, the color will fade and metamorphism, so, for this type of health care products packaging, must have good sealing shading effect, prevent penetrating 2: because of the volatilization of sexual function or trademark can be dissolved in the inside of the packaging materials, then with the help of the role of the osmotic pressure will spread to the other side. Those paper packaging and polyethylene monolayer plastic film packaging products, from the outside of the packaging can taste the smell of things, such packaging has the characteristics of breathable, transparent, permeable water, outside air, water will also enter the inside, and affect the quality of things. So health care product packaging must have a good penetration resistance.